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Thanks for the comments Ernie!
We'll take them into consideration!

Epsiode 2 will be longer, puzzlier, and less repetative.
We've also hired some new animators instead of the old ones to improve the visual aspects...
Hopefully, it will also be less bugyy, but as any software project or game, there are bound to be bugs. I've played buggier AAA next gen titles ...



Thanks again for your comments.

I've changed the registration page to be more human friendly.  I hope it is more to your liking now.
It was hard enough to setup this forum, and if you want episode2 to be better, i don't think it is wise to spend my time changing to a different forum system. SMF is a pretty popular one.

I don't know if you've done game development yourself, but good graphic artists are freakingly expensive, and considering the low LOW budget we had, i'm pretty amazed as to what we accomplished, and like you said, most of the are cosmetic. We'll improve the models and animations in time for the next episode.

I'm not sure what exactly is bothering you with the balloons, please elaborate (maybe screenshot?)

And thanks for the tip, I'm very careful with what i write.



Just so you'd know - we're working on translating Pizza Morgana to a bunch of languages like German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, and others.
We'll release the localized version when they are ready!


Hey Matan and Advance  - Thanks for your comments.

Advance - I'm sorry it was too hard to register to the forums, but we seriously had the worst spammer problem here, which only went away after adding all those captcha's and are you human's .
If you volunteer to be a moderator, and spend a few hours a day, each day removing spam, i'll consider removing the anti spam measures :)

Do remember that this game was done independently, no publishers, no million dollar budget, and yet, i think we did a very good job with whatever resources we've had.
I've seen games with much higher budgets, and worse graphics. not to mention worse writing, voices, or game play.

Matan - I still need to work out the technical details of how to give out the season upgrade option with our store provider (plimus). once we do we'll enable that option.

again - thanks for the feedback, and i promise, episode 2 will be better

yes, Matan - what you are downloading is the demo, when you buy the game and input your activation code - it turns into the full game.

what didn't you like about the trailer?

We want to hear your opinion, so please say everything you think about the game - bad, good or great!

Just try not to be an internet troll, we're introducing Kronk the troll in Episode 2.

Oded and the Corbomite team.

Pizza Morgana / Merchandise
« on: August 03, 2009, 02:28:53 pm »

we are considering having a bunch of Pizza Morgana  merchandise items for sale on either CafePress of and we wanted to hear your thoughts.

stuff like t-shirts,  or pizza morgana delivery bag.

What do you want to see on our store?


Pizza Morgana Announcements / Pizza Morgana Website Launch
« on: June 05, 2009, 06:20:53 pm »

I'm planning on launching the Pizza Morgana website in the next few days!

Stay Tuned!


Pizza Morgana Announcements / Beta Testing Pizza Morgana Episode 1!
« on: April 03, 2009, 12:56:36 pm »
We are slowly opening up the Pizza Morgana beta test for a small number of users.
To apply see this post:


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